Pour ceux qui serait de passage à Helsinki, il y a quelques unes de mes pages qui sont exposées jusqu’en septembre.

3 thoughts on “Exposition

  1. I’m so happy that you have a blog again!
    I followed jerusalem’s blog and I liked it, and now I’m even more happy, understanding that you’re working at your new book!
    I have your 3 “travel-book”, the only three translated in Italian, my language.
    Last summer, when I was in Barcelona I brought “Como no hacer nada”: “Comment ne rien faire”.
    I understand Spanish a little bit, it is close to Italian.
    I’ve study French at the “Middle School”, 12 years ago, I speak it, and I try to write it: it’s quite complicated!!
    ciao ciao, alla prossima!

  2. Il y aussi une page originale de PyongYang actuellement exposée à l’expo Archi & BD à la Cité de l’architecture, à Paris.

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