9 thoughts on “Croquis de Buenos Aires

  1. Those are amazing, how much did you take in doing each? I’m a big fanof your work by the way, I have three of your books in french, though I feel more comfortable writing in english D:

    1. I was in Buenos Aires in september for the comic festival and the FILBA. So thes sketches are a bit old. I take about 15 minutes to draw a sketch. The longest part is to find a decent spot to draw.

  2. Are you in buenos aires now? If you are here for a book presentation I would really love to go..

  3. Hi guy. I just read your books about north korea, myanmar and Israel. Now I see on Facebook images about the capital city of my country. Beatifull! Tres jolie pour les images.

  4. So simple, so beautiful. Now I see, number 1 is the “Primera Iglesia Metodista de Buenos Aires”… a little church in Corrientes Avenue trapped between buildings…

  5. Bonjour, ce fut un plaisir de vous recevoir au magasin de vélos lors de votre passage sur Buenos Aires ! J’espère que la suite de votre voyage s’est bien passée, et désolé pour le temps pourri

  6. I’m a big fan of your books. It’s funny but I always hope you will go on another trip so I can keep enjoying your drawings. I really appreciate the insights you have in your daily life in foreign countries as well, they are very amusing and thought provoking. I recently moved to Asia from Canada and when I find something puzzling about the culture I find my thoughts mimicking the form of “Delisle sketches.” I especially liked the ending of your book “Jerusalem.”

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